Are you ever confused when you read the Bible? Do you wonder about your relationship with Jesus? Do you want to know more about Shepherd of the Hills?

Our Faithbuilders class is designed to help people with these questions and more.

Faithbuilders is our basic Christianity course. Whether you are a lifelong Christian, or discovering God for the first time this class is an opportunity for building your faith. The class begins with the four key concepts that every Christian needs to understand: Sin, Grace, Faith, and Works. When you understand these concepts you can see them on every page of the Bible. As God speaks to you in his Word you will understand him better and treasure your relationship with him more and more. If you are interested in Faithbuilders, please contact us.

Adult Bible Study

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Bible Study for adults takes place every Sunday at 9:30 in the Sanctuary. Classes vary from topical studies to in depth courses on individual Bible chapters and books. View our current and past studies at the links above.

Sunday School

Teaching our children to know the Lord is a high priority of Shepherd of the Hills. Sunday School also begins at 9:30 with a short prayer with the adults in the sanctuary. The children then separate into age-appropriate classes beginning with age three.

Sunday School Schedule and Information

Confirmation Class

Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades enroll in Confirmation Class. Confirmation Class prepares them to be confirmed adult members of the congregation, and prepares them for a life of faith: trusting God’s promises and following God’s principles. Confirmation Class students make use of a Moodle powered online learning center.

Online Bible Study


Topic: God's Grace to Runaways, the book of Jonah
Presenter: Pastor Michael Quandt
Begins: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
Time: 7:00 or 9:00 Eastern Time
Length: Four sessions, one hour each
Go here for video links and lessons.

Chapter of the Month

This year we have been reading one chapter of the Bible every day for the month. Then we gather together to discuss the chapter. Join us, and dig deep into God’s word.

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