Look at the world around you.  What do you see?  Do you see real, inner beauty?  Do you hear fully-supported and tested thought?  Do you observe deep, lasting, and committed relationships?  Maybe.  Hopefully?  Or does it seem that we are increasingly living in a world of superficial beauty, sound-bite wisdom and shallow relationships?

What if there’s more—more than the superficial?  What if there is more than just skin-deep?   

This autumn at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran, join us for a worship series that will take us beyond the superficial: More than Skin Deep.  Be a part of learning that Christianity is not just a way to reinforce what I already like, or I already know.  Instead, learning about the God who loves you will challenge presuppositions, open your understanding, and show you a good that is kinder, purer, and deeper than any other.

Sunday, September 13th—Intro: More than Skin-Deep

Sunday, September 20th—Seeing Today in the Light of Forever

Sunday, September 27th—Moving Beyond Self

Sunday, October 4th—Finding what’s First

Family-friendly worship begins at 10:30 am.  A staffed nursery is available.  To view our worship webcast, click here.