Welcome Warm Up

Daily theme-related table activities are provided that children do independently as they wait for classmates to arrive.

Morning Circle

The children transition to the circle area, gathering together to begin the daily learning plan. The class talks about and begins working on daily learning activities. This time builds the learning foundation by encouraging thinking skills, building auditory skills, learning and reinforcing number, shape, and letter awareness.

Center Exploration

The children are invited to choose a learning center to explore. Children are encouraged to play and circulate among puzzle, reading, kitchen, dress-up, texture, and construction centers. Special theme-related group center activities might be planned.

Bible Story Time

The children listen to the daily Bible story. They participate in story related activities that help them grasp the key message and close with prayer.

Handwriting Without Tears

Children learn the alphabet through an easy-to-learn, hands-on curriculum.  The program encourages social, physical, language, and early readiness skills.  The program is taught in both the 3 and 4-year old classes.  For more information, please check out the website http://www.hwtears.com/hwt

Investigation Station

Children participate in science, math, art, music, and social studies projects. Each day focuses on two areas of learning. The children are excited to learn through hands-on experiences, arts and crafts projects, or practice activities. The interdisciplinary activities stimulate their creative and inquisitive natures and challenge them to investigate the world around them.

Snack Time

After praying, the children enjoy a snack with their classmates that may be theme or Bible story related. Good habits, manners, and classroom etiquette are practiced.

Outside Play

Children go outside to the playground and play with their friends.

Language Arts

As the busy preschool day comes to a close, we emphasize activities that build language arts skills. Theme-related concepts are reinforced, review activities are provided, and children reflect on the lessons and joys of the day. They engage in small group or independent activity as they say good-bye to their friends and show their parents what they accomplished that day.